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We accept the following credit cards:





If you use the payment method with PayPal, you will be able to pay the order directly through your verified PayPal account. The company informs that only payments made and from verified accounts will be accepted and reserves the right to send the Products subject to the Customer's order to the address listed on the verified PayPal account.

Payments of Products orders from unverified PayPal accounts will be cancelled and, as a result, not processed by the company.



The company offers the option to choose the tag as a payment method.

There are fixed charges of: €4,00

Payment is made in cash on delivery (the courier does not accept checks and gives no rest). The service is only available in Italy. Please check if the chosen shipping location is covered by the service by filling in the shipping data portion of your cart.

If the shipment of an order made with a mark is not successful for reasons attributable to the customer, the company reserves the right not to follow up on any other order with the same payment method. The customer who chooses the mark as a payment method must have a postal or bank account for a possible refund in the event of a return.



In the case of payment of the products by bank transfer, the confirmation of the Customer's order sent by email from the company will indicate the bank details of the company itself. The products covered by the Customer's order will in this case be set aside pending the accreditation of the corresponding amounts to the company's bank account.

In any case, the Customer will be required to send to the company within 4 days of receiving the confirmation of the order by email - a copy of the transfer order made in favor of the latter. In the defect of receipt, within the aforementioned 4 days, of copy of the bank transfer, the company will cancel the customer's order.

The shipment of the Customer's order will be made once the company has received the actual accreditation to its bank account of the amounts corresponding to the order. No accounting or CRO will be accepted as payment confirmation.


Our bank details are:







Our company guarantees you a completely secure payment. Your bank details are fully encrypted and protected by the security system.

After the order is confirmed, the payment application is transferred in real time to the online payment platform. From here, a request for authorization is directed to the credit card circuit. The online payment manager issues an electronic certificate.

This means that your bank details do not circulate in clear text on the internet and are not visible to the company at any time, so we ask you for your credit card details at every new order.

In addition, some credit cards, to protect you from online fraud, require an additional security code to be entered to confirm your payment. The code is provided by your bank.